Gloria in excelsis deo

I have been trying out a verse-chorus idea for this part of the Gloria.

I felt that a great burst of joy was needed and a “gloria, gloria” section, bouncing between the upper and lower voices came complete into my mind as I was winding down at the end of the day. I scribbled down some notes and then tried it out this morning. I quite like it – it is a contrast with the “verse” but changes of meter are a feature of many West Gallery tunes and, although this doesn’t change meter as such (although I did try putting this section in two-four time for a while) I think that there is a feeling of such a change. This gloria-gloria section is the first section to be fully harmonised. Interestingly, as I say, it came into my mind complete – I hope it’s not plagiarism!

I have been struggling with the link from “verse” to “chorus” section.