Kyrie, Gloria, (not the) Agnus Dei and Quoniam tu solus Sanctus

All the pieces of this short mass have reached the stage at which I feel I could share, so I will consider this my first draft of all the pieces. I have printed copies and will be ready to share shortly. My experience (very limited!) has told me that I will definitely have to make tweaks and, probably, much bigger changes when I hear the pieces sung. (I find that when I hear my pieces sung, the effect of the sounds of the words changes things so much from just hearing the parts played by simulated instruments. I don’t have the knowledge, experience and skill to predict where issues will arise and avoid them at a stage before I can hear the pieces sung by real people!)

Having something sung by a group real people isn’t practical at the moment. However, I do need to try to find out how these sound when sung so I’ll have to have a go at singing all the parts myself. Given the restrictions we are under at the moment, this is my only option. My voice is quite low and I don’t have a falsetto so the texture of the sound will not be a good reflection but, hopefully, this will help be iron out some issues at least.