(not the) Agnus Dei – recording, mixing… and feeling dissatisfied

I have recorded, mixed and listened to the not the Agnus Dei.

The texture is very “thick” in the verses. They sound better with only three (or even two) lines in the canon sections. However, I still cannot be sure whether this would be an issue if the parts were spread over the extra octave as they would be with proper SATB voices. I can leave a decision on this.

A more immediate issue is that in some parts of the “chorus”, where the voices overlap with different rhythms and words, the overall affect is muddled and confused. Again, I’m sure that this would be less apparent with more distinct voices rather than the single multi-tracked voice I have, but I decided that some editing (to match rhythms where possible and avoid using “hear our prayer/hear us” against “receive our prayer” unnecessarily) will produce a cleaner sound without losing anything.

I’ll re-record this section.