I have slightly changed (improved!) the sequence of the wording in the Gloria – how phrases are repeated – to give a better flow. I have also corrected some rhythmic inconsistencies (from verse to verse) which have crept in.

Quoniam tu solus Sanctus

I have moved the main melody of the Quoniam to the tenor (doubled by the sopranos in the second half of the verse) which is a common feature of earlier West Gallery hymns. I have also added and introduction and a symphony.

(not the) Agnus Dei

I have extended the Agnus Dei significantly, adding new verses with the words: Quoniam tu solus Sanctus, to Solus Altissimus Jesu Christe/For thou alone art holy, Jesus Christ; cum Santo Spiritu in gloria Patris… I have used a tune which, originally, I had as a… Read More »(not the) Agnus Dei

Gloria instrumental parts

I have written symphonies to link the verses in the Gloria, experimenting with rhythms and orchestration. In most West Gallery music, instruments double the vocal parts (with the addition of instrumental interludes, called symphonies, between verses/sections, and sometimes instrumental introductions and codas. I have decided,… Read More »Gloria instrumental parts