I have been toyed with using accents to encourage the choir to phrase the “gloria-gloria” section correctly (as the words do not all sit sensibly on the stressed beats of the bar). I tested several options but, in the end, I decided against doing this… Read More »Gloria

(not the) Agnus Dei

I have created a chorus section to “lift” this piece. I have used the English “Have mercy upon us, hear our prayer/receive our prayer” and this, with fugue-like elements, seems to work. The chorus moves from the minor key of the verse to a major… Read More »(not the) Agnus Dei


I have decided to “park” the Agnus Dei for a while and work on the Gloria. I have re-cast the Gloria so that each of the three “verses” is in two sections, the first with parts entering at different points and with an English text,… Read More »Gloria

Macaronic text

Over Christmas, I was watching a repeat of a BBC programme – one of a series about the history and development of church music – when there was reference to “macaronic” text in church music. This, I learned, is where a text uses a mixture… Read More »Macaronic text


I have written further “verses” for the Gloria, including a second section to parallel the “Laudamus te” short-phrases section. Now I am experimenting with how these should best fit together – at the moment the piece has an A-B-A-A-B structure, which seem a bit strange… Read More »Gloria